Matera 2019: 5 (best) reasons why organising an event

The countdown for Matera 2019 is started: over than 300 international events will animate the whole city during the year 2019. The programme looks at the future without forgetting the past and the local roots. Matera 2019 is going to offer opportunities and incredible places to organise successful events and here you’ll find why:

1. An international event

Organising an event in the capital of European culture means to be part of a cultural environment where to catch networking opportunities, be inspired by brave ideas and find innovative vibes.

2. The perfect window

Nobody visits Matera by chance, it’s always a choice. Especially if you consider how difficult is it to go there by public transports. And it will be even more like this during Matera 2019: we won’t meet just curious tourists but people who will chose consciously to be there to take part in a such important event for the region Basilicata and for the entire south Italy. Bringing your brand to Matera 2019 means to secure a perfect window for a great visibility.

3. Media highlights

Whoever organising an event knows how important is the media highlights. This is one of the reason why organising an event for Matera 2019 will give you a double advantage: being part of an international environment and getting visibility to tell effectively about your brand and your story through all the medias.

4. A magic place

Basilicata fascinates people, Matera enchants them. The city of Matera with its incredible atmosphere is the best frame to organise any kind of event. During 2019 any events, whether it’s about culture or technology, it will be a guaranteed success!

5. Being protagonist of the Open Future

The topic of Matera 2019 will be “Open Future”. The focus is on a future stimulated by a dynamic city that participates to the process of creating values. This topic will not involve only citizens and institutions but also the entrepreneurs who, thanks to their vision and innovative spirits, create the establishment of innovative production models based on listening and sharing with the territory.  That’s why organising an event for Matera 2019 means to be involved in a process.

I think now it’s clear that planning in Matera is surely a good idea. The capital of european culture is already a laboratory of ideas where culture means creativity. This is going to be the place and the moment for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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